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An on-going group for couples

Intimate pair-bonding relationships are among the most challenging and potentially rewarding relationships we make in our lives and possibly the hardest ‘job’ (along with parenting) that we ever undertake. I have never understood why we have so little training and support to develop and grow in these relationships and I believe it takes effort and commitment to create a satisfying, loving and intimate relationship.

Consequently, I provide an opportunity for couples to give their relationship primacy for one day a month; an environment in which to explore, support and challenge how they are relating to one another; a chance to communicate with each other more deeply in the context of a group.

My experience is that the group becomes a warm and valuable resource for couples. At times a couple will bring a specific issue they have been struggling with and we spend time exploring this with each partner. Other participants provide feedback from their own experience of the couple as well as reflecting on how they respond to the issue in their own relationship.

Occasionally I introduce a topic and exercises that I think will be useful to couples and the group as a whole. We work in pairs, sub-groups and the large group at different times. We also make use of the breaks to have an opportunity to share food and relax together.





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