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A workshop for couples - led by Jill Gabriel

In this workshop we will explore ways in which we organise and shape our expression of anger, both individually and as couples. I will provide a contained space for couples to explore their patterns of conflict through dialogue and exercises. We will also look at the function of this multi-faceted emotion and our responses to it.

In order to continue growing and maturing within our intimate relationships we need to find a balance between sustaining enough contact and maintaining enough distance. In this process appropriate expressions of anger help us to define ourselves and our differences. We will work with each couple’s unique ‘relationshape’ to anger.


Shaping Anger

Jill Gabriel

Since 1983 Jill has worked and trained as a counsellor and psychotherapist in both analytical and humanistic psychotherapy. For sixteen years she has been involved with Spectrum, a humanistic and integrative psychotherapy centre in London. She has run their Working with Anger Workshop for nine years. She also has a private practice for individuals, couples, supervises and groups. Jill has been training therapists since 1995. Her passion is to continue to understand her own truth while working with others to do the same.



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