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Many of us have difficulty with anger, some of us implode with anger, some of us fear anger in others and some of us explode with anger. Anger is a response to a need that is seeking to be met. At a psychodynamic level it is an emotional need to change or restructure a situation that we do not like or we find unbearable.

In this workshop we shall clarify our relationship to our own feelings of anger and practice constructive and appropriate ways of expressing and meeting anger. We shall look at the affect of anger both on ourselves and others and how we deal with it within relationships.



Working with Anger - Spectrum Workshop





Jill Gabriel

Since 1983 Jill has worked and trained as a counsellor and psychotherapist in both analytical and humanistic psychotherapy. For sixteen years she has been involved with Spectrum, a humanistic and integrative psychotherapy centre in London. She has run their Working with Anger Workshop for nine years. She also has a private practice for individuals, couples, supervises and groups. Jill has been training therapists since 1995 to work with couples and has recently co-founded Relationshapes. Her passion is to continue to understand her own truth while working with others to do the same.

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