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I run five supervision groups for counsellors and psychotherapists working with couples. They meet once a term on a Friday. I started running these groups after finishing each training year because some of the participants wanted the on-going supervision. They have developed into very rich and supportive groups.

I am aware that most therapists have an individual or group supervisor. However, I wanted to offer some extra supervision because I feel that it is very different to individual work.

In the group we check in with each other and this is a very important part to the day in terms of building trust and support. Then participants bring cases and we explore together how the therapist is working with the couple. We may use genograms, role-play or any creative ideas that arise in the group to explore the work.

We meet for a whole day as I want to provide nourishment for therapists doing a demanding job. My hope is for them to enjoy the opportunity for contact and connection both personally and professionally over shared lunch. I am also available for additional support in between the meetings if required.

Please contact me if you wish to find out more about these days.

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