I developed this programme in 1993 because  many therapists working with       

couples had had no specific training for this work and because I believed

strongly in the great advantages of focussing on couples work as a separate

area and the benefits of doing so in an on-going group. I also believe that the

self-development of therapists is paramount.

Consequently, during this training you will have the opportunity to explore your

own history and how you form yourselves to be in various relationships attitudinally,

physically, mentally, emotionally and in other ways. Then as a group you will look

at how this informs your work. You will work in couples and small groups, individually

and in the whole group. These training groups are safe, confidential, challenging,

warm and supportive environments in which you can experiment and grow personally

and professionally. Learning is primarily experientially based, including supervision

work with your own material if you are already seeing couples. Practice exercises are

given and readings recommended.

If you are excited by the idea of working with couples, but fearful of 'taking the plunge',

I would really like to encourage you to enrol on this course. I love this work and find it exciting, challenging and a huge privilege to be invited to witness  intimate relationships.


Programme Details

Sorry, there are no training courses currently running in 2014

This course will run fortnightly on a Wednesday for three terms over one year; a total of 20 days. A high level of commitment is necessary and participants are expected to attend all meetings.

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3


Fees :

This training is for counsellors and psychotherapists

who are currently working with couples or interested

in doing so in the future.

Each applicant must have, or be in the process                   

of having, recognised counselling or therapy training.

The content of the course includes:

  1. The initial assessment

  2. The way couples 'fit' together

  3. Life stages and crisis points

  4. Exploring sexual issues

  5. Types of affairs

  6. Conflict in couples

  7. Difference and diversity

  8. Shapes and metaphors

  9. Communication

  10. Step families

  11. Family systems

  12. Same sex couples

  13. Separation and Divorce

The focus of this course is experiential although there

will be some reading and writing to do between sessions.

Jill Gabriel

I have trained and worked as a counsellor and psychotherapist since 1983. My first 'Working With Couples' Training was in 1993 and this will be the 10th programme.

I continue to develop aspects of this work each year and deepen the training through my  commitment to continuous learning. In 2006    

I co-founded, with David Slattery, Relationshapes , the Centre for Couples Therapy in which we offer C.P.D. days and co-therapy work with couples. In my own practice I also see couples, run groups and offer anger workshops and supervision.

I am registered with the UK Council for Psychotherapy and accredited by Spectrum, a humanistic therapy centre in London. Extensive training includes courses at the Tavistock Institute for Marital Studies, the I.G.A., B.A.S.M.T. and the W.P.F. I also worked a number of years at Relate and for the N.H.S.

In the last seventeen years my work has been strongly influenced by the P.A.I.R.S. programme and Stanley Keleman's Formative Psychology at Spectrum. I am in on-going supervision and professional development and work to a clear code of ethics. My  passion is to continue to understand and live my own truth and shape, while working with others to do the same. I am happy to provide further details on request.

The Venue

The location at Langridge House outside Bath provides a place for participants to learn as well as reflect, relax and take a moment out of their busy lives to share experiences, work and eat  together comfortably.

Working with Couples - Training Programme



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