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I have felt passionately about the potential of intimate relationships for over half my life. At 54 I continue to do so and enjoy a full practice consisting of couples, groups, workshops and training. I began teaching therapists to work with couples in 1993. My one-year course ‘Working with Couples Training’ has been running since 1999 with David joining me for the sixth and final year. Also, I run supervision groups for therapists working with couples. I have worked in the N.H.S. both in London and the West Country.

In 1972  I did EST and realized I could take responsibility for the shaping of my life. I began my journey to train as a therapist in 1980 at Westminster Pastoral Foundation, Relate, The Institute of Marital Studies at Tavistock and The Institute of Group Analysis. I was inspired by the late Robin Skynner and his wife Prue working with them as couples therapists. I chose a diff-erent path in 1991 and went to Spectrum, a centre for humanistic psychology in London and a member of the UKCP with whom I am accredited. Having already trained as a therapist I needed to learn more about being a person. I continue this on-going process with huge enthusiasm, energy and curiosity.


I have been working with people in a relational way for over 20 years; initially in mental health projects in the voluntary sector; then, in the mid 1980’s, I began training as a psychotherapist and have maintained a full practice since then working with individuals and couples.

In 1990 I co-founded ‘Workshops For Men’, an organisation that ran experiential weekend and ongoing groups. I have also been developing my work as a trainer and supervisor over this time and have worked in a variety of settings: private practice, voluntary sector, higher education, prison service as well as in counselling and psychotherapy trainings. I am a senior tutor on the psychotherapy training at the Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling (U.K.C.P./B.A.C.P. accredited) and have been on the staff team since 1996. In 2006 I was awarded an M.A. by Middlesex University.          My thesis was developing Intersubjectivity Theory to help couples therapists work with 'relational trauma states'.  It is available under 'research and papers'.

We have been working together since 2002 running

workshops about couples work, co-working with couples

and now running training courses for counsellors and

therapists who want to extend their work into relational

couples work. Our working relationship has been built out

of many hours of being together, discussing the work,

doing the work, processing the work and above all in all

these areas trying to be honest and open with each other. 

This has led to us building a trusting partnership, our

single greatest asset when working with couples, allowing

us to experience very different perspectives and emotional

states whilst staying in relationship to each other.

David Slattery

Jill Gabriel

Jill and David


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