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Jill and David created their centre for work with couples in 2005. This includes training, individual work, co-therapy and supervision groups. Both of them brought many years of experience as therapists, supervisors and trainers to this project.

Having successfully run three years of training together their work has now developed into two trainings: ‘RELATIONSHAPES’, run by Jill and ‘THE CENTRE for RELATIONAL COUPLES THERAPY’ run by David.

They continue to see couples together and both offer supervision and therapy.

To find out more about their work please follow the links below:

Relationshapes            The Centre for Relational Couples Therapy   


We are both experienced supervisors and offer individual and group supervision both in Langridge, Bath and in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire.


We work with couples on our own and together. Please contact us regarding availability. Sessions in Langridge and Nailsworth.



We run different kinds of groups for couples. Contact us to find out what groups we are planning to run.


Centre for Relational Couples therapy